Why You Need Exercise for Better Nutrition

by Norm on May 30, 2013

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Q. You said you would give us a simple diet to follow, but this almost seems too simple. Do you mean that if I make my diet raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, cheese, milk, eggs, beans and peas, I can relax knowing that I have perfect nutrition?

The Difference Between Diet & Nutrition

No. Sorry, but diet and nutrition are not necessarily the same thing. Diet is what you eat. Nutrition is a result of what happens to what you eat. This is one of the least understood aspects of health.

The Role of Exercise in Nutrition

While it is important that you begin with good food, it may be of far greater importance how you digest and assimilate this food. You can have an excellent diet supplemented with high potency vitamin formulas and still fail to properly nourish all the cells of your body, if your digestive system doesn’t extract the nutrients and the blood stream does not carry the nutrients to where they are needed. This is why exercise, and especially the Hatha Yoga Asanas (postures) are so important. When you practice the Hatha Yoga Asanas correctly, you will increase your digestive fire, improve your circulation,  and do a much better job of  eliminating waste materials.

Q. I’ve never cared much for exercise, even when I was younger and in much better shape. How can I make myself run,  or work hard in a fast-paced aerobics class?

You don’t have to. Be reasonable and enjoy what you are doing. The best way is to just start where you are and slowly increase the amount of exercise you do. For most people just walking one mile a every day would result in a tremendous improvement in their circulation, health, and feeling of well-being. If you find that it is difficult for you to walk one mile, then walk a half-mile or a quarter of a mile. And if even that is too much, then do one block. More important considerations are that you find an activity that is pleasant to you, within your capacity, and that you begin. One of the biggest causes of failure in exercise programs is that the person tries to force himself into an activity that is against his constitution.

One indication that you are doing the right exercise for you is that you will feel better for doing it. There is a saying in Yoga, “For a thing to be good, it must be good before, during, and after.”

If your exercise leaves you feeling stiff, exhausted, or sore, something is wrong. Either the activity is not right for you, or you are doing it too fast or too hard.

Q. What if I can’t find an activity that I enjoy?

Of course you can. Just be open to the idea of changing your attitude. Think Harmony. Remember, your natural state is activity. You were created with a system that requires activity to be healthy. In order to be inactive, you must resist the natural laws of the universe. And that takes a whole lot more energy than it does to exercise.


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