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by Norm on August 12, 2012

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Wearing eye glasses never seemed normal or healthy to me.

At the age of fourteen as a freshman in high school, I began having problems with my vision.

I first discovered this when I was assigned a seat in the last row of a long physics classroom. When I needed to read the blackboard all the way up at the front of the room, I noticed that the letters and numbers were sometimes blurry.

I was still seeing clearly most of the time but as the days went on the blurriness seemed to increase.

I went to a doctor and eye glasses were prescribed for me. The doctor said, “The only time you are going to take these glasses off is when you take a shower or are in bed sleeping.”

I must have expressed distaste because he then said, “Don’t worry. You are going to see so much better that will never want to take your glasses off. You are going to love them.”

“I doubt it,” I mumbled.

“You might as well make up your mind to enjoy these glasses because you will have to wear them the rest of your life.”

I thought that if my eyes could be fine one day and then focus poorly the next, why would that determine that I needed to wear glasses for the rest of my life?

If my eyes could suddenly get poorer, shouldn’t they also be able go in the other direction and get better?

No one talked about that. No one gave me an idea that eyes could heal, that vision could get better. I didn’t like that.

“You will have to wear glasses for the rest of your life.” I didn’t like living a predetermined life with no options.

I noticed that many people and friends seemed to enjoy wearing glasses and they would get into the whole ritual of cleaning and caring for them, shopping and buying stylish frames and cases. I knew that I wasn’t one of them.

As I observed my glasses-wearing friends over the years, I was disturbed to find that they often got stronger lenses each year.

To me, this looked like a road to nowhere, a story with no happy ending.

I determined to find a better way.

Now in my 70s I have lived 50 years without eye glasses.

The techniques on this video, as well as Regular Hatha Yoga for Relaxation and Health, enabled me to heal my eyes, and have also helped many of my students to improve their vision so that they were able to break their dependency upon contact lenses and eye glasses.

Try these very simple eye exercises to help Relax, Heal, and Strengthen your Eyes.

And then…Let me know what you think.

If any of this works for you, pass it on, let others know.

When you share success in this way, you will be creating good Karma for yourself.

For Best Results, Always Remove Glasses or Contact Lens Before Practicing These Techniques

This Video Clip is taken from my Easy Yoga For Home, Office & Studio DVD

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Since the eyes are benefited by neck movements that improve the flow of blood and energy through the neck to the eyes, you may like to look at this video clip, Heal Your Neck Now! VIDEO.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you,



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Sarasa March 13, 2013 at 7:52 pm

Hi Norman,
First of all thank you for this practical, informative & usefull steps. I became obsessed in trying to seek ways to be free of glasses. Recently i had to start wearing glasses full time due to short& long sighted, though initially was only using reading glasses. Am 47 years old. With age catching up everyone around me thinks it’s normal. However I think otherwise. To make long story short would like to seek some advise from your end on below so that i can follow these steps constructively in reaping the benefits & be free of glasses :-
1. What would be the frequency of doing this eye exercise in a day (how many times in a day?)
2. Am needing to wear glasses which without it, it’s blurrish & off course importantly cannot read. So embarking on this exercise & wearing the glasses at the same time will it affect the healing process?
3. How do i know that my eyes are healing with wearing the glasses at the same time?

Hope you can help to provide some guidance for me here. And thank you again for your wonderfull sharing and your service to the community as a whole.

Norm March 15, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Hi Sarasa,

If you practice the exercises as a way to relax and improve circulation to your eyes, then the more frequently you practice the better. Don’t make a work out of it. Do this in a way that feels good.

Practice without your glasses. Afterward, if it is important read something or drive an auto, you can put the glasses back on. The fixed lens of the glasses interferes with the constant state of flux that the eyes are in when you are using them.

Palming, which I show on the video, can be done for long periods of 20 minutes or more to rest and heal the eyes.

Your eyes work much better when they are relaxed, but this is not the state that most eyes are in. Often when we are not seeing clearly we tense the eyes more as we try harder. What is needed to see better is to relax the eyes more.

All of this will take some time because you are changing old habits. After awhile you should start feeling some improvement in your vision.

So this is specific for the eyes. Doing some yoga postures for the whole body will also help you to relax better which then will help your eyes also.

Practice with some of the other videos on this site.

I hope all of this helps,

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