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by YogaNorman on January 19, 2011

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In this free video you will learn how circulation works and how easy it is to improve your circulation.

Then you will be guided into some simple, easy-to-do exercises that will give you the experience of improved circulation.

Try it. Get a feel for it. Then experiment to create your own exercises.

Have problems with you knees or neck? Do you want to improve circulation, range of motion, and relax them?

Check out these videos, which are part of the same class:

Knee Healing Video

Heal Your Neck Now! Video

Hopefully, in watching and practicing with these free videos, you will get an idea of how circulation works. Then let yourself get creative and invent some movements on your own.

If you find it difficult to design your own exercises, you can always buy my Easy Yoga for Home, Office, & Studio DVD from which these video clips are taken. When you do this, you will be helping to keep this website going.

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